MachineryZ 1.2 Ton Excavator MZ-E1201

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MachineryZ 1.2 Ton Excavator is a compact machine, capable of high performance in the most restricted areas, including within buildings and in rear gardens.

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MachineryZ 1.2 Ton Excavator has advanced configuration, the crawler can be retracted, and it has a high adaptability to different working environments. The body can rotate 360 degrees. This mini excavator is used for ground repair, broken concrete, cable pouring, water pipe laying, planting, river/ditch cleaning and construction works.

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    The arm can swing left and right
    Compact design giving superb performance in the most restricted areas.The left and right movement of the boom is more flexible, and the multi-angle construction is convenient and fast.
    Rear bonnet can be opened
    The back cover is designed with a small arc to follow the shape, which complements the after-casting counterweight. It has double-sided vents, symmetrical design, and can be opened and closed at any time.Daily service checks are quick and easy to carry out.

MachineryZ 1.2 Ton Excavator Specifications:

Overall Size
Overall length (when transported) 2870 mm
Overall width (transport/work) 930 mm
Overall height (with/without roof) 2285(2030)mm
Bulldozer width 937 mm
Bulldozer height 210 mm
Track center distance 746 mm
Standard track shoe width 180 mm
Platform ground clearance 405 mm
Standard Bucket Width (With/Without Teeth) 380/330 mm
Track length 1200 mm
Scope OWork
Maximum excavation height 2490 mm
Maximum unloading height 1745 mm
Maximum excavation depth 1725 mm
Maximum vertical arm digging depth 1655 mm
Maximum digging distance 3030 mm
Minimum turning radius of front end 1490 mm
Maximum excavation ground distance 2940 mm
Maximum dozing height 170 mm
deepest dozing height 240 mm
Basic Parameters
Operating Weight 1200 kg
Bucket capacity 0.022 m3
Working device form Backhoe
Model Kubota D722/Yanmar/Briggs & Stratton/KOOP
Power 10HP~14HP
Maximum torque 25/2500  N.m/r/min


MachineryZ 1.2 Ton Excavator: Ideal for a wide range of tasks including ground restoration, concrete demolition, cable casting, water pipe laying, planting, and river/ditch cleansing. This mini digger excavator is equipped with a high-performance Briggs & Stratton engine, an exceptional American Eaton motor, and internationally renowned logo reducers, ensuring unparalleled quality and efficiency. Optional Kubota or Yanmar engines are also available. With its 360-degree body rotation, this excavator allows for seamless maneuvering in any direction. Don’t miss out on this exceptional machine – upgrade your equipment today and experience enhanced productivity and convenience with the MachineryZ mini excavator. Seize the opportunity and satisfy your construction needs with the ultimate choice.

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    105 reviews for MachineryZ 1.2 Ton Excavator MZ-E1201

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      Timely delivery,i love it

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      super powerful.

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      Super quality and looks just like picture.

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      Great quality… I’m very happy with it.

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      I would highly recommend it.

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      Looks exactly like the picture. Shipping was long but it’s ok. 🙂

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